Ingredients Common Name Mode of Action
Mucuna Prurita Extract Kawanch Oxytoxic, tonic, rejuvenator
Saraca Indica Extract Ashoka Useful in menorrhagia, dysmenorrhagia and leucorrhoea
Symplocos Paniculata Extract Lodhra Reduces frequency and intensity of uterine contractions i. e. uterine relaxant, arrests uterine hemorrhages and abnormal secretion
Glycyrrhiza Glabra Yastimadhu Analgesic, nerve tonic, rejuvenator
Sida Cordifolia Seeds Extract Bala Helps in menstrual disorders, post-partum weakness, urinary infections, leucorrhoea,
gonorrhoea, uterine weakness
Withania Somnifera Extract Ashwagandha Helps in uterine and vaginal inflammation, rejuvenator, blood purifier
Asparagus Racemosus Extract Satavari Increases milk secretion during lactation, general tonic and aphrodisiac
Asparagus Adscendens Musli Chronic leucorrhoea, general weakness, rejuvenator
Emblica Officinalis Avla Antioxidant, delays ageing and is an excellent general tonic
Tinospora Cordifolia Giloy Blood purifier, analgesic
Godanti Bhasma Godanti Bhasma Source of Calcium
Mandur Bhasma Mandur Bhasma Source of Iron
Pueraria Tuberosa Extract Vidarikand Reduces stress, increases lactation
Leptadenia Raticulata Extract Jeevanti Helps in menstrual disorders, vaginal burning sensation, leucorrhoea, anemia, uterine
weakness, ageing and general debility
Convolvulus Pluricaulis Extract Shankpushpi Fights mental stress, fatigue, and infertility
Mesua Ferrea Nagkeshkar Analgesic, blood purifier
Commiphora Myrrha Bol Stimulant, analgesic

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