How fast does Ayurhoids take to arrest bleeding ? 
Ayurhoids contains homeostatic herbs like Messua ferrea which acts within 24-48 hours to stop bleeding. As Calophyllolide (an active component of messua ferra) is effective in reducing the increased capillary permeability for controlling bleeding in piles/hemorrhoids.

Will Ayurhoids stop the pain and itching? and when?
Yes, Definitely Ayurhoids will reduce the pain and itching. In due course of the treatment it will gradually heal the hemorrhoid cushions, making one free from the agony of piles.

Is Ayurhoids Safe During Pregnancy?

Ayurhoids is a poly-herbal formulation that has an anti-inflammatory, astringent and mild laxative effect. Ayurhoids is useful in bleeding and non-bleeding hemorrhoids. All the ingredients used in Ayurhoids has been found to be safe. Also these ingredients act at a low concentration, as the synergistic effects of all the composite herbs makes it effective and safe unlike single ingredient formulation. Ayurhoids can be safely used even in pregnancy where hemorrhoids are often found in the third semester when there are very few available treatment options. However, as a general precaution, it is always advisable to take the advice of the health practitioner in special cases like Pregnancy and Lactation.

Can Ayurhoids be used in varicose veins and varicocele?how?
Ayurhoids contains extract of the herb Corriandrum Sativum, which has high content of bio-flavonoids that help in treating varices by improving the blood circulation, thus effective in varicose veins and varicocele.

Which ingredients are astringent /cooling in Ayurhoids ?
There are ingredients like Nymphea Rubra, Emblica officinales, Comiphora Myra, Holorhena Antidycentrica which possesses astringent/cooling properties.

How effective is Ayurhoids in anal fissures and fistula? what is the mode of action?
Ayurhoids contains extract of the herb Emblica Oficinale, which has antibacterial and astringent properties that prevent infection and help in healing of ulcers, usually associated with chronic anal fissures. The phenolic compounds of E.officinale are potential herbal ingredient that improve in acute and chronic inflammation due to their immuno-modulatory action that scavenges free radicals, which nourishes all the tissues and accelerates the cell regeneration process. The hypotensive and astringent action prevents further infections, and helps in healing of anal fissures effectively.

Can Ayurhoids be used with allopathic medicines?
Yes, Ayurhoids is safe and does noes not contradict with any kind of treatment.