Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Saves You from Surgery

People who are suffering from piles or hemorrhoids are constantly on the lookout for a permanent solution to their problem. However, there are instances that surgery becomes essential. Now, that becomes a really panicking situation because surgery means a hell lot of other challenges. This is actually the time when an individual starts wondering if there was an alternative therapy or some other method with which surgery could be avoided.

If you are one such individual or are someone who feels that surgery is the only resort as the cure for piles, you must rethink and reconsider your decision. There is quite relaxing and better news for you.

The news is – hemorrhoid treatment is possible without surgery! Isn’t that soothing to listen? Yes, it is. Just read on and find out how you can treat the problem of piles naturally and just omit surgery.

Different Stages of Piles

First, let’s understand the different stages of piles. According to experts, the first stage of piles is when the patient experiences bleeding without pain and there is no swelling in the region. If the first stage continues without any proper treatment, painless bleeding is coupled with visible swelling in rectum leading to the second stage. This is a sort of alarm because if not treated here, the problem of piles may go on to the third stage.

The persisting swelling in the rectum region goes on to create numerous other problems and gives birth to the fourth stage. Both the third and fourth stages of piles may be considered apt for surgery.

From the above details, it is not hard to judge that precautionary measures under expert supervision must be initiated in the first stage itself. This is also the most fertile stage where some lifestyle-oriented changes and use of organic or home remedies must be initiated.

  • In the opinion of the wise, a moderate lifestyle must be sought. Spicy, junk foods and consumption of alcohol or soft drinks with chemical ingredients should be restricted as much as possible.

  • Instead, green vegetables, seasonal fruits, and foods rich with fibers should be given preference in your everyday eating. These things naturally improvise your bowel movement and don’t let constipation trouble you. It is no secret now that constipation is one responsible factor for piles.

  • Initial level swelling can be easily controlled with the help of an ice pack. Organic plants like Aloe Vera also have a great impact on checking the advancement of piles.

Simple alterations in lifestyle and eating habits are actually the best hemorrhoid treatment that will give you relief from piles without any surgery.

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