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Hemorrhoids or piles are a medical condition of swollen veins near the anus. It can be present there in the lower rectum of the body. Usually, banks or hemorrhoids are genetic conditions. This article covers causes, symptoms, and nine home remedies for piles of bleeding. Let’s get started one at a time.


Causes of Piles


  • Sitting continuously for a more extended period.
  • Constipation
  • Being overweight or obesity.
  • High-stress levels.


Symptoms of Piles


  • Bleeding while passing stool is one of the primary symptoms of piles. However, this article will brief you about home remedies for internal piles.
  • Irritation or itching around the anus.
  • Experiencing burning sensations around the anus.
  • Experiencing difficulty in sitting down.
  • Experiencing distress in bowel movements.
  • Irritating and painful lump around the anus.

Home Remedies For Piles Pain / Home Remedies For Piles Bleeding


  1. Use of Coconut Oil

coconut oil-home remedies for piles bleeding


Keep the area around your anus hydrated. Applying coconut oil at regular intervals is one of the proven and best home remedy for piles. Coconut oil helps in reducing the symptoms of piles. Regularly using coconut oil to the affected area will help in reducing swelling and irritation. Coconut oil keeps the affected area moist, reducing the urges to scratch and works well as a Home remedies to cure piles.



  1. Aloe-Vera

Aloevera-home remedies for pile pain


Aloe vera is packed with anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that aloe vera is a proven wound healer. Regular usage of aloe vera is one of the pile’s cures at home. It helps in reducing swelling, itching, and burning around the affected area. It also helps in relieving the pain because it possesses many healing and soothing chemical properties. If you can get to drink aloe vera juice, you should because it also helps maintain healthy bowel movements that will reduce the pain while passing stool and can justify as one of the home remedies for piles pain.


  1. Ice Packs

Ice packs- home remedies to piles pain


As per the research, applying ice packs on the affected areas have shown results in terms of reduced inflammation and quite a relief in pain. Using ice packs is undoubtedly an answer to the legit question of how to cure Haemorrhoids at home faster? Blood vessels around the anus tend to swell along with hemorrhoids but seeking help from an ice pack can reduce the bloating and work as a great pain reliever. To apply an ice pack to the affected area, take a plastic bag, fill it with ice, seal the bag, wrap a cotton cloth around the plastic bag and sit on it for at least 20 minutes. You will notice instant relief by using Best home remedy for piles.


  1. Drink Much Water

drink water to cure piles at home


Keeping your body hydrated will not only help you in treating piles but will also have many additional health benefits. Various studies over a period have proved that most of the medical conditions related to the inflammation of the anus or areas around are caused because of the lack of water intake. Taking optimum amounts of fluids daily will keep the bowel movement smooth and is the best home remedies for piles bleeding.


  1. Consider the intake of food that is rich in fiber

fibre rich food- best home remedy to cure piles


Fiber is a proven source of maintaining proper digestion. Fiber absorbs water and leads to the softening of stool, facilitating an easy and smooth outflow. Patients with piles usually complain about pain while passing the stool. If you have a high fiber diet, you will experience an easy and painless discharge of stool.


  1. Avoid Sitting Too Much At A Stretch

avoid sitting position to cure piles


If you have a desk job, then it is a wise decision to take regular breaks and walk around for a while. Sitting for too long may contribute to the inflammation in the areas surrounding your anus.


  1. Keep That Area Clean

Try to get some free time and get into a warm water bath. Fill the bathtub with warm water and sink in there for some time. It will help in the muscles’ relaxation, improve the blood flow, and clean that area.


  1. Lie Down

Lie down on your back with your legs wide open and a bit uplifted will improve the blood circulation to your end, relieving the pain caused by piles.


  1. Don’t Resist The Call of Nature

Resisting to go to the washrooms to pee is not advisable. It can add up to inflammation of the affected area.


When To See A doctor?

If trying on all these home remedies is not helping you get rid of those irritating and painful piles, you must see a doctor. If you are experiencing symptoms like dizziness or lightheadedness, you must seek medical treatment immediately.


FAQ – How To Treat Hemorrhoids At Home Fast?

You can try any or all the home remedies for piles of bleeding mentioned above at home to relieve the pain.

Along with this home remedies you can also take ayurvedic medicines from Ayurhoids because Ayurveda is becoming more popular in treating piles without side effects, and this is the perfect answer of your question “How to cure piles at home?”


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