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Types of Piles


It is the most common than external hemorrhoids. It occurs above 2-4 cm from the opening of anus. These are generally painless because there are less pain sensing nerves in the rectum.

Piles Treatment in Homeopathy

Internal hemorrhoids are categorized into different grades:-

  1. Grade 1 or First degree:- These are common. In this, the hemorrhoid tissue bulges into lumen of anal canal and small swelling may occur on the inside of lining of anal canal. These cannot be seen or felt from outside.
  2. Grade 2 or Second degree:- These are larger. It may be partly pushed out from the anus when you go to the toilet but quickly goes back.
  3. Grade 3 or Third degree:- In this, pile mass hang out when you go to toilet. You may feel one or more as small soft lumps hang from anus. However, you can push them back into anus.
  4. Grade 4 or Fourth Degree:- Pile mass permanently hangs out from anus which cannot go back to anus. It is quite large.


It occurs in the lower part of anal canal. It is painful condition because there are lots of pain nerve fibers which are responsible for pain.


In this condition both internal and external piles occur together.


Symptoms may vary from person to person. In some cases, the person suffering from piles may not realize the symptoms of piles.

5 Responses to “Types of Piles

  • Lakhan raj
    1 year ago

    Well advice

  • T santhoshkumar
    1 year ago

    External piles lot of pain i am using the Himalaya pilex, tablets and ointment, but pain is coming please your medicine details,already 1 year later 1St bleeding next after two days pain is coming but Himalaya tablets and ointment continusly 1 and 1/2 month using next not coming ,this time feeling heavy stree 2 weeks is back to attack please details me

    • AyuRHo!D$
      1 year ago

      Hello Mr. Santosh, thank you for contacting us.
      Ayurhoids is made up of 100% natural ingredients and hence will be completely effective on piles. For chronic piles, the time frame/course is of 45 days.
      Ayurhoids will give you a permanent solution. For more queries, contact us on 9167684722

    • AyuRHo!D$
      1 year ago

      Hello Mr. Masood, thank you for contacting us.
      Our product Ayurhoids is made up of 100% natural ingredients and is completely effective on external piles. For more queries, contact us on 9167684722

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